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roseRecognizing just how hard it can be buying gifts for your lady, we have compiled a list of some great articles on how to buy lingerie, and how to get it right.

Our first choice is the article by "Sophie Saint Thomas" of titled "How To Buy Her Lingerie" that covers the following contents:

1 What You Should Be Looking For
2 What You Should Avoid
3 How To Buy Her Lingerie Online
4 Top Lingerie To Buy Her
5 How To Buy Her Lingerie In Stores 
6 Why It's A Romantic Gesture

Esquire suggests that the most important thing to remember when shopping for lingerie is to "Start with sizes" as explained in this informative article housed at Their story begins with...

"Most men make the mistake of buying the wrong size. They often muddle up the proportions of the bottom and top halves respectively, by underestimating the one, and overestimating the other.
Don’t guess! This problem is easily solved. Take a look in her underwear drawer and check the sizes.
Check the size of her knickers, and also the chest and cup size of her bras. Obviously try to do this when there is absolutely no chance of being interrupted, it may be difficult to explain what you are doing."

Check out the rest of their great article "How To Buy Lingerie: A Man's Guide. For most men, buying lingerie for your partner can be fraught with difficulties...more


It's easy to buy your lady what you want to see her in. But remember, it's about her. It's about what she feels comfortable in, what fits, doesn't itch or scratch, and what makes her feel good. 


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