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Now that you have your domain name, the bundled .net .ca and .group, you can press forward and start choosing the products you want to sell. and/or is your best starting place. Use their search parameters wisely and you can quickly narrow down your selection, sans the Affiliates web site that are selling and affiliates web site that sells the affiliates web site - if you get our drift. In short, you want the suppliers, not other affiliates acting as the supplier.  Fear not, we are hear to help. It's not as scary or complex as one might imagine.

To be safe, picking the best lingerie suppliers requires that you:

  1. Read the suppliers steps to selling their lines. They all have one. If they don't, move on to the next.
  2. Create your short list of preferred suppliers. Include their website address, and as you progress through choices, rate those you've shortlisted on a 1-3 scale. We say 1-3 because if you rate 1-4 and higher, you'll run the risk of micro-rates and make it harder when checking them out.
  3. Check out the bra, panty, stockings, and accessories (let's not forget to accessorize), suppliers product themselves. Use online tools like: (where sname is supplier website URL)
    • use search engines applying terms like: "BBB lingerie sname" and then go to and enter the suppliers website URL in their search bar.
    • go to and lookup the sname. It's report will show how long they have been in business, how many times they have changed servers and more.
    • test just how reliable their website is, and their traffic at and enter the suppliers URL.
  4. We cannot emphasize enough just how important it is to understand the agreement between you and your supplier. Please - read their Terms of Use, Privacy agreement, and Acceptable Use Policy. If they do not have these, or you feel you need a Philadelphia lawyer at your side to explain it, then move that supplier down your shortlist.
  5. Review and understand their returns, refund and exchange program on Esteem Lingerie lingerie items.  Remember, you are entering into a partnership between you EsteemLingerie.Com , and the supplier.
  6. Review and check their payment systems. Do they use PayPal or other similar trusted online checkouts? Do they allow you use PayPal to 'brand' your sales?
  7. Review their drop-ship program.
  8. Most important, what, when and how do you receive your commissions.
  9. Use their Contact form with a question and note how long it takes to receive a reply, the tone of the reply, and respondent's knowledge.
  10. Move them up a notch in your shortlist if they have a no-fee 24/7 365 toll-free affiliate support line.
  11. Check out the support area of the suppliers website. Is there a Forum for affiliates Peer to Peer support? Check their FAQs. Do they support you with How-to, Knowledge Base, etcetera support area.
  12. Read through their entire website. Is it easy to follow, easy to navigate? Are you impressed with their site? Remember, the site is a reflection of their service.

OK. You have your shortlist - choose your suppliers. Now get them on the website (see "Building Your Esteem Lingerie Empire").
Some suppliers to your Esteem Lingerie may require that you already have a website in place which is a Catch-22 for many. In that case, you can fall back on the information in our article titled, "Building Your Esteem Lingerie Empire"


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